Gaëtan Ballot


Graphic designer, illustrator and passionate photographer, Gaëtan Ballot is a plural artist who likes to experiment. Following his experience as a youth illustrator in the regional press, and after having tried the adventure of humorous t-shirts and postcards, he continues to explore watercolors, the volume of illustrations in cut paper or even lettering when he is not busy filling his sketchbooks.

As part of his main activity, he regularly practices photography in order to take portraits, shots of landscapes, heritage elements or even reports. But it is especially during his many travels that he likes to capture various details and moments of life for a more artistic purpose.

Always eager to broaden his horizons, he has been trying out linocut for two years, a technique that allows him to have a new approach to graphic design and illustration. A real jack-of-all-trades, he has also recently ventured into stop motion animation to bring his characters and ideas to life, always with an offbeat spirit.

Some works of this artist