Helen Roeten, artist

helen roeten

I am a painter ( 54 ) from The Netherlands.

My paintings are very colourful and celebrate women. My passion in life is art projects with social themes.

I host online zoom lifedrawing sessions.

My art is not only on paper or canvas , but also on clothes, furniture , shoes and people
(bodypaint ).

My mission is to make the world more beautiful by art and colour.

Artwork of Helen Roeten

helen roeten


Made this painting in Korea @project_space_brut . What a great time it was. Miss the artists and friends:
Inspired by the beautiful and elegant women of Korea.
The #cherryblossom are showing their fragile beauty in Seoul .
I am so grateful to be back in Korea and seeing my friends from #thelivingmuseumkorea and the sunshinydaycenter in Yongin.

This painting is to celebrate the beauty and fragility of live. Death is wispering in the soft breeze..always there this song of impermanence. Making clear to enjoy every day as a gift and keeping your friends and family close to your heart.
100 by 70 cm
Ink , ecoline and acrylpaint on 300 gram paper.

helen roeten


Mixed media on canvas , than layer of epoxy and drawing on the epoxy with acrylic marker. This week experimenting with epoxy to create layers. I love to find new mediums.

helen roeten


Made this painting coming out of a deep depression. It is very dear to me . Its time to let her go.
The painting is on paper. Materials ink and acrylics .
130 by 130 cm .
Framed and museum glass .
Special artwork.
If you are interested and like to know more please leave a comment or send me a privat message