Joao Viera Fino


Joao Vieira Fino
Aveiro, June 4, 1976.
Lives and works in Amsterdam
Painter, director and musician trained outside of the Academy, directly with Mestres to whom he addressed personally. Brian Rutenberg (USA) Osamu Obi (Japan) Caesar Santos (Cuba) stands out.
Graduated in directing at A.C.E., Porto. He staged more of 40 pieces. 3 theater prizes by the University of Aveiro. He has expanded its curriculum in visual arts with the design and construction of theater sets and props, illustration and photography of album and book covers and the filming and editing promotional and music videos.
He is the author of Rouge and Miura. He has several albums of
edited music.
In 2012 painting and illustration become the activities main. He was the first artist in residence at Lowe Mill, in the USA. At the end of this year, he returns to Portugal, creating the first individual exhibitions in Porto in the following years. Returns to the United States as the first Portuguese painter to exhibit solo in Alabama, with 5 exhibitions
in 3 years. Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Amsterdam followed. His oil work and its orders are present in the houses
collectors all over the world.
IN 2022, he becomes the first Portuguese painter registered by the Dutch Kamer von Koophandel.

Some works of this artist


Georges et la Dragonne