Mieszko Bavencoffe


Mieszko Bavencoffe graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Rouen in 2015 and has held several exhibitions
such as "Signed furax" at the Hall or "Can't wait for the next vacation in the mountains" at
the Le Havre art library in 2018.
He mainly works around writing through drawing, installation or
sculpture, but he is also known as a painter and graffiti artist.
He has fun in the art of diversion where he plays with the codes and knowledge of art history in
using painting techniques of the old Flemish painters employed on subjects
Like a poet, he uses words to surprise us. He improvises as the singer of the group of
techno "The Sister Group"; mysterious and arty duo having released 9 albums.
On Sunday September 19, 2021 on the occasion of the Matrimony Days, on the base of the Hôtel de
city ​​of Rouen, without permission, he poses a sculpture representing Napoleon, dressed in jogging,
sneakers, a coat and a Deliveroo delivery bag.

Some works of this artist