Peter Mc Adam


Artiste et cartooniste anglais, il a inspiré cette exposition en proposant le même projet dans sa ville de Durham de novembre 2020 à février 2021 et ce malgré le covid.
Il a fait preuve de beaucoup de persévérance et générosité en maintenant le projet malgré de nom- breuses difficultés. Nous sommes très heureux qu’il puisse faire découvrir son travail en Normandie. Il a un style très onirique et tout a fait personnel, un monde intérieur délicat et décalé.

«My work includes, photography, collage, painting and a unique software application.
The images are created from a computer software I have developed where images are activated by music to create layers of unique flowing images in real-time. The software has a screen grab tool so I can capture the random onscreen imagery.
This gives me a starting point for my creative process by bringing Chance into the equation.»

Les oeuvres exposées à l'Expo Art&Bus 2021

peter mac adam peintre anglais


A leaky pipe in my utility cupboard suddenly burst: unfortunately in this cupboard I kept all my old photographs, letters, correspondences, documents all kinds of ephemera.

Retrieving the contents I dried out the photographs and discovered as I peeled them apart, images transferred onto other images, and, rather than being grieved by my childhood being washed away, I was totally fascinated with the textures and chance juxtapositions of the photo transference.

Excited by this new and strange ‘archive’ I scanned in the images, documents etc. and started layering them in Photoshop. It got me thinking that a surface such as a photograph never stops recording i.e. damage, folds, fading etc. and through my research I came across an old medieval technique called palimpsest, which condensed all my thoughts and theories of what memory transpires to be. Basically people used to write their letters on animal skin with ink, then after the recipient has read the correspondence they would “scrape” off the ink and write the reply, and eventually the surface of the animal skin, after being used many times, would be made up of layers of residual markings.

Tapestry was one of the first images I created using this process.

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peter mac adam peintre anglais


Using my iCodagraph app I created this image with film noir in mind.
The actress is from a little known B Movie and the rest of the image comes from a collection of collage and texts.

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peter mac adam peintre anglais


I walked around my local area during lockdown capturing textures, signage, colours and placed them into my iCodagraph app and created this image.

It brings together a personal journey creating a visual palimpsest via digital technology.

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