Ragib Paul

ragib paul

I am a figurative and narrative painter. In my paintings, I depict people I have met during my travels or in my daily life.

My many travels have allowed me to discover cultures different from mine, to meet people with different nationalities and each with their own mentality. This openness to the world offers me a wealth of work, as well as inspiration for new ideas for my paintings.

I work with very colorful nuances which I think come from my Hindu culture in which we are surrounded by the representation of gods and goddesses full of color and very decorative. This culture of color has been rooted in me since my childhood.

I obtained my first Fine Arts degree in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and continued my studies at Blake College in London, England, where I graduated with an “Art and Design” degree.

When I arrived in France, I resumed my studies at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen in order to obtain a Master's degree in "Plastic Expression" in 2019. The discovery of contemporary art constituted for me a radical change in my way of conceiving my vision of the world. I finally managed to ask myself to ask myself about my real expectations, explore my approach, feed my curiosity and draw inspiration from this new culture.

Some works of this artist